Men’s Bedroom Design Ideas

If you have got one of the best apartments for rent in Albuquerque, the next thing that comes to your mind is the design of your bedroom and how it should appear. If you are a male and want to design your bedroom in your own personalized way then consider the ideas discussed here.

You would definitely be looking to make the bedroom functional and stylish while depicting your masculinity. So read on and you will find some of the best design ideas for the men’s bedrooms.

First of all you can go for a traditional design of the bedroom. For this, you will have to choose some of the heavy and aged furniture pieces. You can best pick some sleek design having minimal of carvings on it. As far as the bed is concerned, go for the ones that have high headboard making the looks quite prominent. Materials that are often used in the traditional design beds should be of conventional menswear fabrics such as flannel and wool. For accentuating such a design, you need to cover the windows of your bedroom with drapes that are made using some heavy material such as velvet or chenille. The lighting in the bedroom needs to create soft and warm impression with the use of dark colored shades of lamps. If you want some artwork to be displayed in your bedroom then it must be something classical. Portraits and landscapes can be the best paintings that you can display in your traditional bedroom. In the end just use some oriental plush rug and it will complete the design part for your bedroom.

Another design that can make your masculinity prominent is the rustic design. When you go for such a design, mainly your bedroom needs to have wood-made items. Hence you can decorate your room to resemble some cabin in woods or some lavish ski lodge. Regardless of the size of your apartment or bedroom you can opt for the rustic style and can go for the furniture that is made using some material sturdy natural characteristic such as hickory, pine or oak. It is advisable to go for heavy yet simple furniture pieces. A bed having slated headboard will do for rustic design. As far as the bedding materials are concerned, you have the option of choosing between different materials such as denim, cotton, flannel, knit or wool. It is also necessary for the rustic design bedroom to keep things simple using color patterns that make use of the shades of brown, green, khaki, beige and blue. You should also maintain natural elements to form window blinds. Hence, selecting wooden blinds in a color matching with furnishings is the right choice for such design. For creating that much needed synergy in bedroom elements, you should go for the lighting options that are also made using natural elements such as iron or wood.