The largest city in the state of New Mexico, Albuquerque, is becoming more and more popular thanks to its cultural vibe and exciting history that surrounds it with an air of mystery. Combing the old with the new, the trends with classic touches, this city is a great place to be in, as it inspires, creates and offers its citizens an exciting experience daily. There are many good things about this place: the great cultural and historical attractions, the good economy, the cheap rental prices, the amazing food, the nice views, etc. Many people are looking now for apartments for rent in Albuquerque, with all these good prerogatives attracting them.

For those unfamiliar with the city, Albuquerque has several neighborhoods to live in, each one being special in its own way. Each one of them is original, having a distinctive flavor. Finding the appropriate neighborhood is, as everyone knows, the key to a peaceful living. Choose the right area in Albuquerque before signing any lease. Get you information about the neighborhoods here by reading below.

Northeast Heights is the first neighborhood presented here. The area sweeps from foothills to downtown. It has several communities comprised in it, and it grew over decades as a place that holds many beautiful houses. This is actually the largest geographic portion of the city, with a variety of districts. Good places to visit here: the Tomato Café, the Wolfe`s Bagels, the Range Café, Millie`s Restaurant, The Candy Basket, Melting Pot Restaurant, Jimmy`s Café, DaKine Hawaiian Ice.

The second neighborhood is the Westside, with several suburban areas, fantastic views of Albuquerque and plenty of parks and green places. Visit Taylor Ranch and the Spinn`s Restaurant to get an idea of the good food and good life here.

Another area in Albuquerque is the Nob Hill, an urban place which holds the life of the city within it. Here there are many shops, restaurants, galleries, bars, which often enough drawn visitors. When looking to rent in the area, make sure to check Café Giuseppe, Beeps Store, Papers Store, O’Neill’s Pub, and Two Fools Tavern.

If heading downtown, The District is the main neighborhood there. Here, the mix of old and new is melting into a great cultural experience, especially along the old Route 66. This area offers citizens and visitors a fun and funky vibe with a variety of styles. Check the Lindy`s Restaurant, the Grove Café, or the Martineztown.

Other great neighborhoods of Albuquerque are the Old Town, with beautiful buildings, shops and galleries, the University area, which is full of students, the Sawmill, a great touristic place especially, the Los Ranchos, a small village in the big city, with a great charm and lots of history, and the North Valley, which is the country side of Albuquerque.

Living in a big city like Albuquerque can have its perks, and choosing just one of these neighborhoods can be pretty difficult. Consider you personality when choosing one area to rent it, as each place can give you a different experience.